After last year’s success during  the 2nd edition of HRcoreLAB, Daxtra's European Head of Sales, Stephen Blackmore, will be presenting on the 18th of March of 2015 on the 5th Future of Recruitment stream.

More details to come in the following months, but keep an eye on this event’s agenda as it is becoming one of the main European meetings for HR community. 

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Randstad Technologies Ltd

“Randstad Technologies Ltd 在2011年4月份转换到现在的CRM – Bullhorn的时候使用德士达提供的德士达捕获系统(daXtraCapture)。 我们从打广告那获取大量的简历, 我们需要一个系统可以自动解析这些候选人到我们的特定的标准体系内。 我们也需要这个系统可以让我们快速的、简单的管理那些我们无法验证的详细信息或缺乏核心资料的简历。 德士达基于网页的界面和他们和Bullhorn接口所做的工作让德士达捕获系统(daXtraCapture) 成为一个很容易的选择。我们经历了一个非常全面的设置,以确保德士达(daXtraCapture)是建立于我们的需求。 当我们上线开始管理我们的简历流程时(由daXtra的帮助) 我们并可以很快的运行了。 该系统简单、直观的使用,使我们获得的简历能快速录入到我们的系统中,停止那些重复提交,丢失信息或可能的更新之间的平衡。这就让我们安心那些来到我们的数据库中的数据没有损坏或重复当前的数据。这系统解析过去的工作经历同时可以把应聘者的回复链接的Bullhorn里的招聘职位(通过Broadbean接口的集成联), 我们之前实现不了这两个功能。 德士达捕获系统(daXtraCapture)在过去一年中一直运作良好,并帮助我们有效地管理我们的数据库。 我们期待着与德士达在2012年和今后的合作。” 


Patrick AR Douglas,  信息技术经理


We have collected some symptoms that reveal that your recruitment processes are getting scarily old fashioned. If you don’t want the nightmare of inefficiency to come true for your business, check them out and take action now!

1. The threat of an unreliable database – If you can’t trust your internal database, who can you trust? 

For a recruitment agency, the candidate database is key to business success, thus populating it with accurate and relevant information is a must in order to make it work to full capacity and ensure commercial productivity. However, there are three main threads to the reliability of your data base: 

  • Scarce information – very little information is input when the record is created. Just the name, contact details and the resume is attached. 
  • Duplication –On average 60-70% of resumes processed are updates to existing data that you already have. 

For you to be able to trust your database, it is not just about increasing the number of records it contains but making sure that these records are unique. Your vacancy matching system has to be able to recognise if an incoming candidate already exists in the database and update it automatically with rich structured data; full contact information, full education and work history and your own unique skills taxonomy. 

2. The torture of manual workIs there anything more painful in recruitment than having to type CV data into your database?

Manually updating candidates’ records is literally a pain in the… hands! And also a terrible waste of time. If you take recruitment seriously and want to stay ahead of the competition, you have to automate candidate data loading ASAP. 

CV parsing technology can do this task for you by instantly populating your database with the candidate data in seconds. Each time you receive a CV from any mailbox, Capture creates a new record in your database and populates all the required fields. This means up to 95% direct labour cost saving compared to alternative Candidate Data entry methods and no more CV backlogs or delays waiting for CVs to be loaded to the CRM database.

3. The nightmare of numerous external sources  –  The moment when you are lost among too much information.

Today recruiters can’t complain about a lack of candidate information, but sometimes too many sources.  There is a huge amount of data out there, half of which may be redundant but the other half is relevant and ready to be used. In a competitive market where having the business edge is key, recruiters need to do all they can to obtain a true candidate profile. However, chances are, if the search process is not properly structured and systematised, recruiters can easily “get lost”.

Intelligent technology that readily collates candidate details from multiple sources – job boards, resumes, social media and previous agency interactions - in one central location and gives you a single shortlist of the most suitable candidates, can save you from the endless log in nightmares and also loads of time. 

4. The dangers of blind advertising spend – When you know you are spending money on advertising but losing sight of its return.

A large number of today’s external sources have its pros and cons. You may be receiving a lot of CVs, but somewhere along the way a cost can be associated with each one. Isn’t it worth measuring the return you receive back from job boards? Being able to track which sources get you more useful CVs is key to understanding which of them are delivering the best candidates and focus your investment on them rather than on the low performing ones. 

As a conclusion, if you don’t want to get lost in the dark scary valley of recruitment inefficiency, the first monster you have to kill is a technological demon by improving your data loading processes and your search capabilities. You can delay this battle as much as you want, but the longer you take in upgrading your recruitment process to the next level, the more placements you are losing out to your competitors. 

Happy Halloween!

As a Techserve preferred partner, Daxtra will host a roundtable on Recruitment Process Automation and Efficiencies during this year’s TechServe Conference taking place in November 3-5 in Boca Raton, Florida.

We will discuss how Recruitment Process Automation Software is being used by the industry’s largest Recruiting Firms and Corporate Recruiting Departments to drive efficiencies for their recruiting teams.

We will also be at booth #100 presenting the latest innovations on how to improve the efficiency of your recruitment processes through:

Resume parsing technology

High precision candidate searches of internet-based and in-house candidate databases

•Business intelligence

Candidate data loading automation

TechServe Alliance is a collaboration of IT & engineering staffing and solutions firms, clients, consultants and suppliers dedicated to advancing excellence and ethics within the IT & engineering staffing and solutions industry.

Techserve annual Conference is designed to energize and inspire recruiting teams, and it is consistently rated by TechServe members and suppliers as one of the top TechServe Alliance membership benefits.

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Randstad Technologies

Mike Beresford, MD at Randstad Technologies and Digital in the UK explains their experience with DaXtra CV Parsing technology.